The CARBOX module is made up of a modular filter-holder structure, made of folded galvanized sheet metal.

The solution is composed of filters arranged in a labyrinth with adjustable closing and opening septa. This solution offers a wide filtering surface with low pressure drops, a greater quantity of activated carbon than the classic solutions with cylindrical cartridges with a consequent longer duration of deodorising efficiency.

This structure allows to increase the quantity of activated carbon increasing the depth of the machine, avoiding to increase the load losses: it is obtained in this wayhalving the speed of crossing the air, increasing the effectiveness of the activated carbon itself.

Type of coal used: steam activated extrusion.

Material: virgin regenerated coconut / bamboo fiber.

Maximum relative humidity of use: 90%.

 Recommended final load loss: 200 Pa

The filters can be regenerated thanks to the possibility of opening the frames, removing the granular carbon and replacing it with new coal.

Expansion Electronic supplies 25kg granular activated carbon bags.


Technical Sheet / Scheda Tecnica

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