In 1981, Giannantonio Nardotto had the idea of producing active electrostatic filters for integration inside air purifiers that could then be supplied to public places and guarantee a good indoor air quality to people. In fact, he understood the central role and importance of air purification for the growth of society, the technological development and the protection of the individual. It was a brave idea and many did not believe in the success of his project.

The active electrostatic filter he designed, represented the first step towards the establishment of a company that today, after more than forty years, stands out as a market leader in the production of electronic filters for air hygiene and purification.

It is incredible to think of the technological innovation of product and application that the company has had during its evolution. The company's core business, following the regulatory changes that have taken place worldwide, over the years, has focused more on the research and development of active electronic filters for implementation inside Air Handling Units and Rooftops. Thanks to perseverance and continuous innovation, Expansion Electronic is now able to provide 360 ° solutions for residential, industrial and food applications, responding to the growing needs of the market and the increasingly stringent international standards.

The company has always stood out for its innovative style, performances and products' quality. The search for the best materials and components, the efforts aimed at continuous technological evolution, with the aim of always guaranteeing maximum reliability in full compliance with international regulations and maximum comfort from a sustainable point of view, have been the key to commercial success and of the numerous international awards and certifications. The products made by Expansion Electronic continue to be totally produced in the factories in Italy, in the province of Vicenza, and are distributed all over the world with its own brand or with that of its international partners.

In more than forty years of history, the company's motto has always remained the one chosen by its founder: Better air quality, for a better quality of life.


The choice of Expansion Electronic is to improve the quality of the air, since the quality of our life depends on it. From this belief comes the desire to spread our technology all over the world, by implementing and developing our range of products thanks to an intense technical research to offer high-tech products able to ensure maximum comfort in a sustainable perspective while preserving our health and the environment around us.

Exploration, innovation, research, development are just some of the drivers that push Expansion Electronic towards the creation of an increasingly performing, more effective and efficient product, more resistant over time, which reaches levels of quality such as to be positioned among the first places in the national and international rankings.

The mission of Expansion Electronic is, not only to guarantee Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) through its products, but also to increase awareness of the problem of air pollution and raise awareness of both sector professionals and the community, thanks to continuous training, information, diffusion of studies and research that Expansion Electronic has been undertaking for years with its Academy.


Expansion Electronic is accelerating the transition to sustainable filtration with its active electronic filters, committing to be a pioneer in it and by thinking of a future in which electrification integrated with technology are its cornerstones. 
For Expansion Electronic, future means knowing how to combine well-being, comfort, air hygiene and sustainability in indoor ventilation systems to make buildings more efficient through CO2 emissions’ reduction, energy saving and healthier through clean energy.



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