The PF METAL COMPACT prefilter consists of a series of three filters in mesh and aluminum mesh specifically designed to gradually break down the coarse particles of calamines, soaps and fats present in the oily vapors of industrial production and in kitchens.

The progression of the filtration system allows the capture of these coarse particles so as to prolong the life of the electrostatic filters, reducing the accumulation of heavy substances in the electrostatic filters, so that they can work for a longer period on fine and ultra-fine particles of the vapors oily. The components of the prefilter are separable so as to allow easy cleaning during maintenance.

EFFICIENCY: The reduction efficiency of the prefilter is comparable to that of a filter type G4 [EN 779] and ISO COARSE 90% [ISO 16890] with pressure drops of 100 Pa @ 3.5 m/s.

No tools are required for mounting or opening the prefilter.


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