ECOLIGHT, Exhaust Filtration Unit

ECOLIGHT, Exhaust Filtration Unit

Expansion Electronic offers the new range of exhaust filtration units for kitchens with compact size, especially suitable for installation in small kitchens in historic centers: ECOLIGHT.

The FEL System filter installed as standard has been specifically designed for the removal of pollutants such as oil mist and vapors thanks to pointed collection blades that allow the capture and drop down high quantities of oily pollutant downwards.

Energy Saving is guaranteed as energy consumption is 3 times lower than that of a mechanical filter with equal filtration efficiency: this is mainly due to the low pressure drops almost constant over time, 62 Pa even when the filter is completely dirty. The low energy consumption of the ECOLIGHT units is also guaranteed by the use of an electronic motor instead of a belt motor.

They are equipped with a new 3-stage prefiltration completely removable and washable. The possibility of installing before the activated carbon the combination of an ionization cell FI and an ozonation cell FX provides a hygienic and antibacterial effect and at the same time reduces odors.

Expansion Electronic uses active labyrinth carbons with low pressure drops and high performance. It consists in granular coconut/bamboo carbon.
The ECOLIGHT can be supplied to be wired or fully wired ready for use, including an electrical control panel.
The structures are presented in self-supporting aluminum profiles, with external 25 mm sandwich panels. Their body is made up of a single block that contains all the components inside it.
The ECOLIGHT units can be installed on the wall, on the ceiling or on the floor and are equipped with a folding, flag or removable door.

The installer will not have to provide any drainage system since the units are equipped with a removable tray designed tray to collect the oil captured by the electronic filter.

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