ECOKITCHEN, Exhaust Filtration Unit

ECOKITCHEN, Exhaust Filtration Unit

The new filtration unit implemented by Expansion Electronic is designed specifically for the removal of smoke and grease particles from the air stream of commercial kitchen exhaust systems and for the elimination of odour.
The filters inside the module guarantee a constant efficiency of filtration and, thanks to a high ability of separation and accumulation of oil, allow a remarkable energy saving and low drop pressure.

Technical Sheet / Scheda Tecnica



In order to offer a complete service to its customers in the “extraction and ventilation systems for professional kitchens” sector, EXPANSION ELECTRONIC, in addition to producing hoods for industrial catering, has also developed a range of filtration units for professional kitchens. Each internal component is designed and produced internally by the company, offering the possibility of optimizing the results and needs of the client, as well as the actual suction characteristics of the system seen in its entirety.


1. Completely washable and regenerable filters;
2. Noble materials;
3. Electrostatic technology for removing particulate grease and oily vapors;
4. Ionizing technology + ozone for the removal of odorigenic molecules;
5. Activated carbon for the elimination of ozone residue and bad odors;
6. Installation of low energy consumption Plug Fan motors;
7. Possibility of customization for use in both small and large kitchens.


Expansion Electronic exhaust filtration unit has the following functions:
1. Eliminate the odor without any release of molecules or chemical gases;
2. Has an overall particulate removal efficiency greater than 95% if equipped with a single electrostatic filtration battery, or greater than 99% if bistage;
3. Reduces the costs of filter replacement service to a minimum (washing only, no replacement);
4. It is available in customized and modular designs;
5. The FI and/or FX module is optional for microbial sterilization;
6. Allows easy maintenance and installation with simple double opening panels and access doors.

Ecokitchen installation / Installazione Ecokitchen


 Technical and standards analysis/Approfondimento tecnico e normativo 



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