UCO 600-800

The UCO series was designed in order to improve the characteristics and the quality of the air in residential and commercial surroundings and in the workplaces. The reduced thickness in height makes the unit suitable for the typical ceiling installation. The structure of the canalized air handling units are made in galvanized sheet metal with 1 mm of thickness. They are available in different versions that provide different air flows. The absence of the ventilation fan makes it absolutely silent and applicable to canalized treatment plants where the requirement to make a comfortable and clean surrounding air is a real need for people who spend most of their time indoors. The infrared remote control, standard supplied, is used to switch on and off the electrostatic filter. Thanks to the very low pressure drops and the high pollutant accumulation capacity, the new UCO Series guarantees extremely high filtration performance, energy saving and low running costs revealing itself the best solution for the abatement of PM 2,5. All the electrostatic filters produced by Expansion Electronic use completely recyclable and regenerable materials for more than 95%.


Technical Sheet / Scheda Tecnica


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