UC 1200

The UC1200 series was designed in order to improve the characteristics and quality of the air in residential and commercial surroundings and in the workplace. The installation method is the strong point of this series of products. Thanks to their compact size, in fact, they can be attached to false ceilings very quickly and easily. The ergonomic and elegant line, combined with the simplicity and rationality of construction, make it almost impossible to notice the presence of the unit, so much so that it seems an integral part of the furnishings; at the same time, these installation methods make all maintenance operations very quick and easy. The UC1200 series is available in eight different versions, some of which change integrated external air. As they can be installed anywhere, they become real and proper oases of well-being, improving the perceived comfort of users. It is therefore very advantageous to install this series of machines in the workplace where a comfortable environment and clean air are effective requirements for people who spend most of their time in closed areas. The infrared remote control, supplied standard, is used to select one of the three machine operating speeds at the press of a button.


Technical Sheet / Scheda Tecnica


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