An electrostatic precipitator (ESP) is a filtration device that removes fine particles, like dust and smoke, from a flowing gas using the force of an induced electrostatic charge minimally impeding the flow of gases through the unit.

In contrast to wet scrubbers which apply energy directly to the flowing fluid medium, an ESP applies energy only to the particulate matter being collected and therefore is very efficient in its consumption of energy (in the form of electricity).


FE SYSTEM Electronic Filter
These filter works efficiently to capture up to 99% of airborne particles in your home and in residential sector and requires minimal maintenance. Simply remove the filter every 6-12 months, wash it and replace it. No replacement filters needed. Achieving cleaner air has never been easier.

Electrostatic Filter FE SYSTEM cells assure the highly effective separation of smoke, dust, and fine mist.
FEL SYSTEM is able to capture liquid substances, drips off the collection plates, and is collected in a recuperation tank. The oil separated here can often be reused. The second type forms a greasy, oily or encrusted deposit on the filter surface. Unsuitable filter types can quickly plug and become ineffective, leading to excessive costs associated with filter replacement and disposal. However, electrostatic precipitators never obstruct the air flow through the exhaust system.

“Blue Smoke” caused by the use of release agents gets separated effectively as well.
The electrostatic filters are characterized by the particularly robust design: frame and blades are made of aluminum, insulators in oil-resistant ceramics, optimized design for the separation of liquid or viscous substances.
These features make sure that the electrostatic filter is an economical and durable filter medium for many applications.


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Filtri elettrostatici di nuova generazione con circuito integrato ad alta efficienza di filtrazione. Ideali per essere installati in nuovi o preesistenti impianti.
Filtro elettrostatico per UTA.
Filtro alta efficienza di filtrazione.
Filtro elettrostatico per purificazione aria.
Purificatore d’aria elettrostatico
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Impianti di aspirazione con filtro elettrostatico

Electrostatic filters of new generation with built-in electronic circuit with high efficiency of filtration. Ideal to be installed in new or existing plants.

Electrostatic filter for HVAC.
High efficiency Air filter.
Electrostatic filter for air purification.
Electrostatic precipitator for cleaning air.
Electrostatic air purifier
Best electrostatic air filter
Extraction system with electrostatic filter

I Filtri FEL sono adatti per abbattere inquinanti quali nebbie e vapori oleosi con e senza particolato. La loro particolarità si riscontra nella parte inferiore delle lame di captazione, in cui la sagomatura permette di far gocciolare elevate quantità d’inquinante oleoso.

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Filtrazione di olii e grassi
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FEL filters are suitable for the abatement of polluting substances such as oily vapours and mists, with and without particulate. Their characteristic is in the bottom section of the capture blades, the shape of which enable the dripping of high quantities of oily pollutants

Electrostatic filter for ecology unit
Electrostatic filter for kitchen exhaust
Filtration of oil and fats
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La serie di prodotti residenziali è stata concepita per chi nel proprio ambiente domestico e professionale non vuole rinunciare alla propria salute e per il proprio benessere.

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Sistemi di filtrazione aria residenziale
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The residential products series has been designed for those who, in their domestic and professional surroundings, require attention to health and well-being.

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