CP 500

CP 500

The multi-stage model CP500 is particularly suitable for dental laboratories, hairdressers, photographic laboratories, printers and in general for all professional surroundings where the risk of inhaling various kinds of chemicals must be limited. It comprises a mechanical pre-filter (capturing the COARSE particulate), a high efficiency electrostatic cell (filtering the micro and nano particles), an activated carbon filter (absorbing gaseous substances such as ammonia and amines) and a glass granule chemical filter (absorbing substances such as ozone, mercaptans, methyl chloride, alcohols and certain acids).

The machine can operate horizontally in the free-standing version or it can be vertically or horizontally mounted on a wall with a supplied standard bracket. It is also possible to localise the suction inlet thanks to the addition of an optional extractor hood.

The infrared remote control, supplied standard, is used to select one of the three operating speeds at the press of a button


Technical Sheet / Scheda Tecnica

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