Certifications guarantee yields and product performance and are a tool that drives companies to reliable and high-quality choices. To guarantee what said before and to demonstrate once again the reliability and the concreteness of Expansion Electronic’s products, our electrostatic filters were tested by independent and international authorities such as the Hygiene Institute of Air ILH of Berlin and the Technical Research Institute SP of Sweden. These authorities released the following certifications:

  • EN ISO 16890 which classifies the air filters on the basis of their ability to retain the dispersed airborne particulate matter (PM10, PM2,5 and PM1) -  EN ISO 16890 CERTIFICATION BROCHURE WITH COMPARATIVE TABLES AND FORMULAS
  • UNI 11254:2007 which classifies the Expansion Electronic filters in four filtration grades (A, B, C, D)
  • EN 1822:2005 which certfies the Expansion Electronic filters as Absolut Filter, that is class E10-E11
  • OLD EN 779:2012 which certifies the Expansion Electronic filters as Fine Filter, that is class F7-F9

Furthermore, tests led about the Ozone emissions revealed that the diffusion of O3 is the lowest of the category, even five times lower than the levels established by the national and international legislation.


The machines and plants manufactured by EXPANSION ELECTRONIC are distributed all over the world thanks to its efficient network of distributors. The research into the finest materials and components and the drive towards continuous technological evolution, in order to constantly assure maximum reliability, have generated a number of important references that add value and prestige to our products and our company.

We are very proud of this as it allows us to address the new challenges of the future with optimism and acts as a guarantee for our customers who put their total trust in us.