Filters product by Expansion Electronic ensure a life cycle greater than the average and maximum efficiency in time not only thanks to the choice for the best available materials and technology, but also thanks to the possibility to make the maintenance of the filter as it gets too dirty and, as consequences, presents a reduced efficiency. The operations of maintenance permit to obtain a regenerate filter, thus it’s necessary to use the detergent studied especially for the electrostatic cells according to the pollutant treated: the importance of using this detergent than others consists in the certainty that the filter and every part of it, electronic or not, are respected. Indeed, the use of products which are too alkaline entails the accumulation of remains of detergent on blades and wires, exposing to the risk of electric discharges.


After-sales service of Expansion Electronic, guarantees at all customers a professional and efficient assistance, because a high level of technology needs qualified and precise services. At our headquarters we perform the washing, the control and the restore of your filters, through a system of ultrasonic tanks with automated process. This service is coordinated by the headquarter, through the experience gained by experienced and qualified staff.